Elevator (Hay or Corn)

We have an elevator to move your harvested crop to its storage location. It can be applied for moving bales or ear corn. 

Small Farm Custom Work

Corn Picking

We pick corn using a one row New Idea corn picker. 

Primary Tillage

We offer a variety of primary tillage options to fit your needs. For gardens or small fields, we have a 3-bottom moldboard plow. For larger fields, we have a 4-bottom moldboard plow or chisel plow. 

Conventional Grain Drilling

​We can seed Alfalfa, Wheat, Barley, Oats, and a variety of grasses with our grain drill.

Conventional Corn Planting

Depending on the size of your field or garden, we can plant your sweet corn or field corn using a 2 row or 4 row planter.

We offer a variety of custom work for the small farmer, hobby farmer, horse owner, and homesteader located around the Waynesboro, PA area. Contact us for a quote. 

Hay Mowing

We cut hay using a traditional 9 foot haybine.

Secondary Tillage
Disk and chisel plow

Small Square Baling
We bale hay or straw into small square bales.