Brown Eggs

Our brown eggs are produced by Red Sexlink hens. 


$3.00 per dozen

Our Products

Sweet Corn

We grow Frosty and Silver Queen sweet corn. Both are white. This year we are also growing Incredible which is a yellow corn. We cultivate our corn rather than using herbicides for weed control.  Available July and August. 

Birds at Play

The video below shows one of our chickens harvesting seeds from a sunflower towering above her head—smart bird.

Cornmeal Non-GMO

Farm Fresh Produce

Free-Range Eggs


Fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes are available in July and August. We grow Big Beef, Big Boy, Early Girl, and Sun Sugar.  

Farming Practices

We offer farm fresh produce from our roadside stand during July and August. Check our Twitter feed for notification of produce availability. You can also sign up on our customer list to be notified when produce you are seeking becomes available. Download the Customer Form on the home page, fill it out, and return it to us on your next visit, by mail, or by email.

We cultivate our corn rather than using herbicides for weed control. A Farmall Super C tractor equipped with cultivators tills the ground around the corn removing weeds. Watch the video below to see this operation in action.

Our chickens and ducks are truly free-range, not only cage-free. They are free to roam over green pastures foraging grass and eating insects. A quality non-medicated, non-GMO, non-Soy layer feed supplements their diet ensuring that they receive all vitamins and minerals they need to remain healthy and to produce high quality eggs.

Duck Eggs

Our duck eggs are produced by Khaki Campbell and Muscovy ducks. The Khaki Campbell was developed in the early 20th century to be an egg layer and lays year round. The Muscovy, on the other hand, only lays during the spring and some over the summer. There is a size difference with the Muscovy producing an egg in the jumbo category, while the Khaki Campbell lays extra-large eggs.


Khaki Campbell $5.00 per dozen

Muscovy $5.00 per dozen

1/2 dozen $2.50

Award-Winning Eggs
Our brown eggs placed 1st in the medium and large brown egg categories at the Shippensburg Community Fair in 2014 and 2015. 

We have Non-GMO, herbicide free, pesticide free cornmeal made from Master's Choice MC5250 floury corn grown on our farm. This particular variety is very digestible. 


$2.50 per lb

This is a short video of our 2 week old Khaki Campbell ducklings. They reach maturity in 21 weeks and begin laying delicious and nutritious eggs.